The South African head office for the world’s leading beauty brand needs to be a space that represents the international values and spirit of this renowned company.

It was this principle of beauty and distinction that governed thinkspace’s design decisions throughout the project, conceptualising a space where L’Oréal South Africa employees could immerse themselves and their clients, in the brand ideology.

The workspace features a colour palette that is bold but playful, featuring brand focused graphics and signage throughout.

Custom designed planters throughout the workplace not only provide a modern alternative to a heavier, closed system like walling but offer privacy and bring greenery to the open-plan space.

A double volume atrium features a larger than life custom installation showcasing the brands in the L’Oréal South Africa portfolio, giving visitors a glimpse into the influence and reach the company has in the industry.

This vibrant, modern space encapsulates the energy and pride of the incredible L’Oréal team that operates within the building.


Privacy Preference Center