iSelect, an Australian insurance marketplace, required a work environment that suited their unique needs. Being an international contact centre operating within the Australian time zone, meant that locally it functions as a night-time operation. Naturally, this has an impact on the local staff, who forego typical social evening interaction while having to work.

Our approach was to create a social and interactive work experience. The canteen area was designed around the feel of a bustling coffee shop, creating a vibrant yet relaxed and communal atmosphere, encouraging communication. Aussie-inspired boomerang desks were custom-designed, allowing for optimum utilisation of space. Teams sit cohesively in an open plan boomerang cluster which helps facilitate communication and build team spirit. The use of iSelect and Australian themed signage help local staff understand the company, its clients, and the business culture.

Meeting pods, touch-down spaces, internet stations and a games area allow for versatile collaboration, meeting solutions, and team-building exercises. This approach helps to build team morale, through an all-encompassing vibrant and playful environment.

ClientiSelectLocationCape TownCategoryHead OfficeCirca2019

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