We are a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy.

Our passion is driven by a team of highly qualified professionals with the skill and expertise for creating and developing viable and sustainable solutions. 


Our products are 100% infinitely recyclable without quality degradation


Steel contains up to 90% recycled steel content

Customer centered, future focused steel
Transforming the steel industry
Sustainability report

Experienced service divisions

Our Teams are headed by well qualified and vastly experienced managers, engineers and technicians. We produce integrated and relevant engineering solutions for a variety of communities with our practical and cost effective engineering solutions. We work with a vast network of clients from private and public sectors.

“Our company code is guided by principles that include Batho Pele, innovation, excellence, accountability, responsibility and stewardship. It is with this clear ideology that we strive forward, forging a business that is resilient, growing and making a positive impact”

Papi Monaisa

Chairman of Kitso Group

Pioneering a New Era of Steelworking Excellence

Are you ready for a meaningful career that rewards you for your contributions? Join us, and together, we will challenge the status quo, exceed expectations, and create a future for steelworking that is filled with endless possibilities.


Investor events

Unlocking value through investor events: building relationships, sharing insights, and maximizing opportunities.


Forging lasting connections with investors: cultivating trust, delivering results, and driving sustainable growth.

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