Direct Axis

thinkspace first designed Direct Axis’ contact centre in 2009, and were appointed to refresh the premises in order to introduce new modernized ways of working. The goal was to stimulate innovation and collaboration within their organization.

Live green vertical landscapes were introduced in the triple volume atrium in order to strike the perfect balance between urban and modern office lifestyle and the natural environment.

The result was a common area that combined concrete, powder-coated steel materials, allumimiun, glass, LED lighting and natural green foliage, bringing a calming and sophisticated ambiance to the space.

Whist the existing infrastructure was retained for the most part, finishes were replaced to reflect an updated colour pallet and older facebrick was painted.

We incorporated custom designed work desks based on specific user requirements and modern ergonomics, while also supporting activity-based working through furniture pods and collaborative but semi-private spaces.

The lighting and fresh air systems were also updated to conserve energy.

ClientDirect AxisLocationCape TownCategoryContact CentreArea14500 m2Circa2019

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